How to Replace the Battery in a 2010 Toyota Camry Key Fob

How to Replace the Battery in a 2010 Toyota Camry Key Fob

If your auto key fob isn't working correct, the cell battery likely needs to be replaced. In this article, we walks you through how to disassembly your car remote key fob and replace your Toyota key battery step by step.

What type battery does 2010 Toyota Camry keyless entry remote required

Before beginning disassembly key fob be sure that you have all required tools and materials: flat head screwdriver and 1xCR1632 battery.
  • flat head screwdriver
  • 1xCR1632 battery

Step by step guide

Inside of your key fob installed coin cell battery. Move the key out of the way if it is in the key fob.

Accurately try to open your keyless entry remote with hands or flat head screwdriver. Replace 1 CR1632 battery with flat head screwdriver.

Now it's time to install new battery inside keyless entry fob's body. Be sure to connect the battery the right way around in a circuit. Your key fob will not work if you put battery wrong way.

Before assembling keyless entry fob's case, verify that all is functioning by pressing buttons on circuit board.

At this point squeeze keyless entry fob's back cover together. Line your case two halves together and assemble it together by hands from top to bottom. If your keyless entry remote case firmly closed, we done. If not, repeat the last step.

How to change the battery video instruction

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Still not working? Buy new one


Keyless entry remote of Toyota Camry require 1xCR1632 batteries. Price for CR1632 batteries are under $4 depending on the type, brand and size packaging you buy. You can take old battery to the store, to be sure.

Key fob in most of cases do not need to be reprogrammed after battery replace. If your key not working, recheck new battery voltage. If it is not help, read user's manual or contact local dealer.

Changing your key fob battery is simple to do in 2010 Toyota Camry. Most of car manufacturers think about customers and make a special hole for remote key fob disassembly.

The price to change the battery in key fob is in range $50-600 depending on the brand and the service pricing.

You should change batteries inside key fob of Toyota Camry at least every 4 years. The lifetime of battery vary on frequency of use, operating conditions and quality.

If your Toyota has low key battery indicator on dashboard, fob's battery more than 4 years old, key fob buttons not working or signal strength reduced, in most cases battery replace inside remote key fob required. Installed battery is weak with a high probability, but if it's not fix problem, fob change or repair needed.
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Fob Compatibility:

  2. Models: 2007-2014 Toyota Camry